WIP Wednesday: Socks!

My process for deciding what project to work on next has become a little streamlined since I moved. Previously I had all my yarn in the bedroom and the most recent purchases were on the floor next to the stacked storage container. Now that I’ve moved it’s fragmented in boxes, most of it here with me, some of it still at the ex’s apartment. So the process has been open the top drawer and blindly reach in. I then find a pattern or the yarn I pull. When I pulled this yarn I really wasn’t sure what to do with it because the color changes were so short. But I think I found the pattern it wanted to be and I love how it’s working up so far.

I finished my mindless stirpy socks and of course I had another set to take their place. The gray toes are from the other socks I finished recently since I had enough to do contrasting heels and toes, probably a cuff too. This way I can keep the strips exact as much as possible.

I finished Child of Light. I very much enjoyed it and could see another play through or two. The watercolor art is gorgeous, the story line is enchanting, and I love that the main character is a girl. Currently I’m watching Jon play Super Smash Bros since he lucked into a free copy today. I haven’t decided what I’ll play next though I have a couple of unfinished games sitting around.


Reader (Daughter of Time Book 1) by Erec Stebbins. I’m really not sure how I feel about this one so far. I’m 4 chapters in and it’s not connecting yet. I’ll give it a bit more time though.


4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Socks!

  1. Ah moving is so stressful. Glad you’ve got some pretty socks on the needles to help you relax


  2. ctawresey says:

    What pattern is this? They are lovely!


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