WIP Wednesday: Feets

I’m very much in love with this yarn and I can’t get over how awesome it feels. Plus, I have at least 2 more skiens in other colors in my stash. Those might have to be next. I’m also loving the pattern and how fast it feels, at least for now.

However the socks are on hold for a little bit while I work on a pair of baby booties for a co-worker.I’ve got one done. They go pretty fast so I should have them complete soon.


I almost got the dress done tonight but I misjudged the annoyance factor of pinning stretch knit. Love to wear the stuff … not so keen on sewing it. On the plus side I only have the facings to sew down, the sides, and a trim to put on the arms and skirt hem. It’ll be sleeveless but I have a matching shirt that I can wear under it for sleeves in the cold.


I finished Grubbins on Ice. I enjoyed both the games by Double Fine and plan on getting better aquanted with the other games of theirs in the gaming library. I poked at The Epic Quest for Mighty Loot but it’s not grabbing me as much. I don’t really care to build a castle or stuff it full of traps and monsters. I’d rather just check out the dungeons with a loose story line. Instead I pulled up XCOM again.


The Happiest Days of our Lives by Wil Wheaton.  I’m really enjoying these little glimpses into his life. It’s pretty cool to see how he came into his geekery and how he shares it with others.


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