WIP Wednesday: Sock Beginnings


I’ve started the Rhombus sock from Knit.Sock.Love. I had a vague goal of knitting all the socks in this book and this will be the second one. This is the first time I’ve used this brand of yarn and I’m very much in love. It’s so soft and springy. I could sit and pet it all day.


I just finished Costume Quest and started Grubbins on Ice, the follow up game. They’re both cute and basic games but it is getting me more accustomed to a controller and hitting the right buttons at the right time.



Four Dragons by Diana Botsford. I was glad to get a copy of this book by a friend. Reading a book from somebody you like is sometimes scary because what if you don’t like it? That’s awkward. I’m enjoying this a lot though and it’s making me want to go back and watch Stargate again.


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Sock Beginnings

  1. kymberlypease says:

    That looks like such luscious yarn. A couple years ago I tried to knit a pair of socks from one of my favorite pattern books each month. I made it to April before I wanted to cast on something different, but maybe I’ll go back and knit another pair of socks from the book. It was a fun project.


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