Year of Crafting 2014


Toirneach Kilt Hose – Yarn, Commission (Tierney)





Sugared Socks – Yarn, Self

Thor Amigurumi – Yarn, Commission (Heather)



Loki Amigurumi x3– Yarn, Commission (Heather)

A Little Something – Yarn, Self



Entrelac Gloves – Yarn, Commission (Sorcha)

Tunic x2 – Sewing, Commission (John, Michael)

Shield Cover – Sewing, Commission (Jon)

Jacob’s Ladder– Sewing, Self



Shield Cover – Sewing, Commission (Uncle)

Glaive Cover – Sewing, Commission (Uncle)

Overdress – Sewing, Self



Green Lantern Washcloth – Yarn, Gift (Scott)

Julissa – Yarn, Self

Shamrock Socks – Yarn, Self



Nine Dwindling Cables – Yarn, Self

Shield Cover – Sewing, Self

Tabard – Sewing, Self



Escargot – Yarn, Self

Tunic x2 – Sewing, Commission (Cameron, Austin)



Entrelac Gloves – Yarn, Commission (Donna)

Sword Cover – Sewing, Commission (Luke)

Pants – Sewing, Commission (Custer)

Tunic – Sewing, Commission (Aries)



Buckler Cover – Sewing, Self



Overdress – Sewing, Self

Herald Tabard x2 – Sewing, (Jon)

Sword Cover x2 – Sewing, (Jon)

Cupcake Hat – Knitting, Gift (Anna)

Twisted Flower Socks – Knitting, Self

Shield Cover x2 – Sewing, Jon / Self

Headband – Knitting, (Jon)

Buckler Cover – Sewing, Self

Cabled Cowl – Knitting, Commission (Alex)

Refreshed Tabard & Overdress – Sewing, Jon/Self

Lotus Hat – Knitting, Self




Knitting – 20

Sewing – 24

Commission / Gifts – 27

Self – 17


I feel that it was a good mix of commissions and selfish work this year, despite occasionally feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work. I started out getting pictures of everything but as the year moved forward and got more chaotic I was less focused on those finished pictures. I was quite distracted by moving forward and getting the next project done.


I want to try to do better on the pictures in the coming year since it’s nice to be able to look back. Also, I need to sit down and update the galleries.


One thought on “Year of Crafting 2014

  1. Ravenna says:

    I totally understand. I’m horrible about remember to take photos before sending off finished projects. I’m hoping to do a better job myself. Good luck and Happy New Year!


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