Last Friday Post of 2014

I’m quite behind on posting finished projects and this is the last Friday of 2015 so I’m going to post all that I have left.

With the creation of the new fighting unit we needed new shield covers. We both really liked how my buckler came out so I recreated that for our round shields. We’re not sure if we’re going to put other stuff on them, like personal symbols or unit symbols. Currently they’re quite distintive.

Shortly before our Day Battle I finished my overdress. I trimmed it out in grey since that’s one of the colors of the Furyan unit. But when we parted from them I needed to update the overdress. I added the green over the grey and let a little grey show through, as I did on Jon’s tunic. I think it makes the green stand out a little more. The upper part has 2 layers of the thickest interfacing I could find as well as boning. It’s very good at giving back support while fighting.

Grey Trim                                                    Green Trim

Jon asked for a headband so I found some yarn in the stash that would work, needed the right color and machine washable because there’s lots of sweat when we fight. I managed this in a couple days, though mostly one while watching movies curled up on the couch with him.

Project: Headband

I managed to finish up my socks with everything else that was going on. I’m delighted with the yarn and very happy with how it worked in the pattern.

Pattern: Twisted Flowers by Cookie A
Project Page: Ravelry

Because I have access to adorable little ones now I went searching for a hat to match. I made this for Jon’s niece. We gave this to her yesterday for Christmas and she was so excited over it. She’s now a Cupcake Princess.

Pattern: Cupcake Hat by Becky Veverka
Project page: Ravelry

A coworker asked for a replica of a scarf I wore to work one day so she could give it to her daughter. She ordered the yarn and I managed to get it done just in time, despite a late arrival.

Pattern: Clara Cowl by Gretchen Ronnevik
Project page: Ravelry

There’s one last project to share but I don’t have pictures of it yet, hopefully I’ll get those this weekend.


4 thoughts on “Last Friday Post of 2014

  1. gracey says:

    Some very cool finishes…the cupcake hat is darling…think I want to be a cupcake princess now…


  2. You are so creative! I love all of the fun you are having with these projects.


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