WIP Wednesday: Hat & Socks

I just started this hat yesterday. I took a rather interesting direction in picking my next project. I pretty much blindly reached into the top drawer of my stash and grabbed a skein I knew was on its own and then hit up ravelry to see if I had a plan for it and if not what could find to make.

I’ve established the ribbing for my stripy socks so it’s ribbing from here until nearly all the yarn is gone.

A new fighting unit means new colors. I’d hoped to start cutting last night but I only got through the ironing.

All spare time has been in Mordor … mostly yelling at the stupid uriks for killing me or my character for randomly climbing in the wrong direction.


Jumper by Steven Gould. I’m still reading the Book of Sith but in tiny bites. Jumper is interesting so far.


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