WIP Wednesday: Double the Socks

I love how intuitive the cable pattern is here. I still look at the chart just to be sure but I’ve kinda got it by this point. Hopefully with the gussett decreases almost done the foot will zoom along and I can start the mate.

I had a bit of time with the mindless socks on Saturday while wandering around the Quilt Show. Apparently it’s still incredible that I shop and knit at the same time. With the whole not looking thing I managed to catch my waste yarn for the afterthought heel but the stitches are tight around it so it can stay that way until I put in the heels.


I finished Dust so, now that I have a controller, I wanted to try out a game I’d previously tried with a keyboard. It feels like it’d be easier … if I can figure out why three of the action buttons are mapped weird. They show that they are correct, but when I push the button to gently shove somebody out of my way it assassinates them instead. Really not good for a stealth game. I might have it figured out though.


I don’t know that there’s a percentage complete on this. But I’ve received the paperwork for the division of assets that needs to be filled out. That’ll be one of the projects to complete on Saturday when I stop by the ex’s to pick up a few boxes.


Limbus Inc. by Various. This is an interesting collection of stories. I’m enjoying the few minutes here and there I get to read. The stories are long enough to feel complete to me, but short enough to make it not a slog.


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Double the Socks

  1. alisa says:

    wow…..those cables look amazing!!! Gorgeous socks!!


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