WIP Wednesday: Socks & Socks

I’ve been dreaming about casting on with this yarn for about 3 months now. Things just kept coming up. But just as I was finishing my last project I happened across a blog post highlighting a pair of socks that I simply had to cast on for right then. I managed to hold off on that until I finished the currrent project but then I wasted no time in weighing out half of the skein so that I’d have two identical balls of yarn. I can’t wait to see the pattern start appearing.

I had a bit of time on Sunday while at fighter practice where I couldn’t finish my current project and I couldn’t start my next one. Luckily I had my mindless socks with me and was able to work on them a bit. I added in the green for the afterthought heel and kept going after we went to dinner with the group.

I actually managed to get some spinning in on Saturday night. It’s not a lot but I’m still thrilled with it.


Pretty much all of my spare time has been in Dust. It’s a fun game and I’m enjoying the storyline.


I,Zombie by Hugh Howey. This is an interesting perspective, it’s from point of view of several zombies, or people that didn’t fully turn to zombies. Each chapter switches and it shares the thoughts of one of 4 zombies. Given how much I like writing different perspective bits I’m really intrigued by this.


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