WIP Wednesday: Rainbow Mate

I think I nearly have the colors exact. If not it’s so close I can’t tell. I’m very happy to be on the second one so I can compare it to the first one now and again.I love this pattern.


Nearly all my free time has been in Dust: An Elysian Tail. I love the story line, the user interaction, and the jokes at the expense of open world games.


Bloom by Martin Kee. I was reading a different book but by chapter 5 I’d had enough of the obvious geek life stereotypes. Instead, it’s time for the creepier books and this is one of a set of horror based novels. I’m mostly enjoying it, though there a couple confusing bits just because I don’t know where some of it is going.


9 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Rainbow Mate

  1. Wow, love the rainbow entrelac! Is it as difficult as it looks?


  2. Donna says:

    The entrelac in rainbow looks awesome! That’s darn close to me for matching. I would be very happy!


  3. Camilla says:

    This is impressive- love how the colors all blend together- must try this some time.
    Happy Knitting!


  4. Wow that yarn is perfect for the entrelec isn’t it. Gorgeous!


  5. Lucy Bowen says:

    Perfect colours and they match so well!


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