WIP Wednesday: Escargot

I didn’t think I’d gotten all that far with the hat … until I loaded the picture. I’m actually pretty happy with the progress. I’ve already started the decreases so I should have this one finished really soon, which is good since I have more comissions lined up. Woo!


I finished the story line portion of the game so now I’m going through and replaying in free mode, opening secret areas, and getting all the extras.

I had to team up with a partner this time for the writing competition. My friend Ted wrote the first half, CAPTCHA Squad. I followed it up with Accidental Rapture. Please consider stopping by the poll and voting for us. I’m ShadowWolf13 and he’s Zhent. POLL

Car Fund:

Though if you don’t want to just toss money at somebody I do understand. I have several dreamcatchers available for sale if you’re interested and I’m always available for commissions.


M is for Magic by Various. As always I’m finding the same annoyance with short stories that I usually do. They’re either so tiny as to have no point .. or just as I get into them they’re over and I have a new story to read. You’d think I’d stop getting books of short stories.


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Escargot

  1. lollieadele says:

    That is why i love taking pictures of my projects. They really show your progress and how the yarn is knitting up.


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