WIP Wednesday: Spiral Hat

I’m almost done with the contrast color so my knitting bag will be lighter. This has been fun and interesting to see come together up to this point.

I had hoped to just breeze through a tunic but I got all turned around when the sleeve didn’t fit. So I need to rip it out and start over .. again.


The gaming computer is set up but not in a way that’s condusive to prolonged periods of sitting. So I’m playing console games for a bit. This one currently holds my attention.

Car Replacement:

Between the divorce, the move, separating bank accounts, and reduced hours at work … I’m woefully short on being able to afford a replacement car for my 14 year old Neon. She was dependable and reliable, until she wasn’t. If you can help out I’d greatly appreciate it. If not, if you could share it that would help too. I need my freedom back, my ability to get to work so I can afford gas and food.


M is for Magic by Various. Short stories is about all I can handle these days.


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