WIP Wednesday: Beret and Socks

I’m finally working the beret in the round! I managed the first cables and so far I love how it’s looking. I think it’ll go a bit faster once I’m done with conventions now that I’m into the pattern section that makes sense.

Jon and I checked out Lucy this past weekend so I got more time on my socks. I love how the stripes just happen.


I think I played a bit on my Jedi and I’m pretty sure I played a little on my Smuggler. This sleeping in a different house almost every night is really messing with my gaming and sense of time.

I’m still in the the writing contest. The prompt this week was Checkov’s Gun. I wrote Checkov’s Knitting Needles and the poll is here. If you have a moment please vote for ShadowWolf13.


Wait for me by Elisabeth Naughton. It’s a silly love story but that’s okay. Now that I can read them again it’s nice to take a break and just have the fluff. It’s particularly helpful when I’ve got so much else going on.


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