New Overdress

I knew I needed a new overdress for Sunday when we dress up to kill our friends but I kept putting it off … until the boning began poking through the outer layer. I made several modifications to this one though, a longer body, though next time I need to not make it quite so long. I also used far thicker outer fabric and the stiffest interfacing I could find. I added a couple bits of boning as well.

This is a close approximation of the face before heading into battle. I love how the bodice part cups and smooths without overly flattening. And with it so thick, it’s even a bit of protection against the unavoidable chest hits.

I don’t like how the skirt gathers at the waist here, which is why I’d shorten the bodice a little. I wish I’d known the straps weren’t fully tucked in, but I’ve since removed them as the bodice stays up on it’s own and allows for more freedom of movement. Being an archer who switches to sword and board when being charged does make that a necessary thing. I’ve also hemmed up the skirt portion a bit so the blue shows at the bottom again.

Overall though, I’m pleased with it and really enjoying how comfortable it is to wear, how it supports me, and how it protects me while in battle. I still get hit hard, but it’s more tolerable with the thicker layer. Though if I continue to improve on the bow, they’ll never get close enough to hit me. 😀


2 thoughts on “New Overdress

  1. I love it! One day I will get the hang of sewing and make awesome items like you do.


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