WIP Wednesday: Julissa Again

I’m incredibly enamored of how this is looking and how fast it’s knitting up. I feel like I made a ton of progress on it this past week, though I knit very little today. I spent the day sewing. This is probably the best picture of the color and the cables that I’ve gotten.


This is two pictures of Emmli S’Shadow, a cyborg gunslinger. I created another character on Star Wars. I really wanted to play evil, since my dark side character is waiting for Scott. But I didn’t want to play dark side, so I created a smuggler, which is light side, and she’s picking evil every chance she can. You can already see the changes in her complexion and eyes due to her shift to dark side, the first picture was taken Sunday at level 8, the second last night at level 12.


Darkspire Reaches by C. N. Lesley. This is … and interesting book. I don’t really believe some of the magic mechanics or the reasoning behind actions taken but I’m trying to suspend belief and simply enjoy it.


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Julissa Again

  1. Christina says:

    Love the sweater and the color is just beautiful! Cannot wait to see it finished!


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