WIP Wednesday: Sweater

There’s just something about this pattern that seems to kind of fly along. Perhaps it’s the thicker yarn since I’ve been doing so many projects with lighter yarn. Or perhaps it’s the cables or the almost endless stockinette. Either way I’ve found the perfect tv / game knitting as it requires only a little concentration when I get to the front panel.


I’ve been spending quite a lot of time in XCOM but I’ve also been playing on my Jedi Sage, Vinlora, with a friend. She just hit level 23 and finished off Taris. I picked up the nifty helmet and was glad to see her headcovering actually changed since it didn’t with the headband she’d been wearing. I’ve also upgraded her robes.

The writing contest is still going strong. The most recent topic was a really hard one for me to write about but I managed a small thing. The post is No Bias Allowed and the poll is here. Please consider dropping by and leaving a vote for ShadowWolf13.


Inferno by Dan Brown. I don’t know that I believe any of what the author writes about how everything is connected, it feels quite contrived at times but it is fun to let go and simply wonder what if.


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Sweater

  1. Ooo lovely looking sweater 🙂 I like to have a simple mostly stockinette project on the needles all the time for tv and car knitting. Intricate lace and cabling is all very nice but sometimes it’s nice just to knit 🙂


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