WIP Wednesday: The Return of the Kilt Sock

I really thought I’d been working on other things but it seems I was mistaken. I had a completed sock here but it didn’t fit so I ripped out over half of it and started in again. I tried 2 sets of brand new needles but one was too long (at 10in) and the other was too short (at 8in) so I gave up and returned to my dpns. I had the man try them on again and he still couldn’t get them over his heel … so more ripping. :sigh: But now they go over his heel and I’m trying to make up for my lost work. I’m also making copious notes so the second one is much smoother.



I’ve been playing quite a lot of my Jedi Sage, and I’m rather annoyed that none of the updated pictures I’ve tried to grab lately have actually come out since they were during conversations. But she’s currently on Taris, finishing up the bonus series so hopefully I’ll be off to a new planet soon and new adventures.


The Weight of Blood by David Dalglish. Currently the writing is on the wall for the two brothers to turn on each other and I’m not more than 4 chapters in. The interesting part will be seeing if that continues or if there’s another direction taken. 


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