WIP Wednesday: More Entrelac

I do love how fast these are going, though I seem to have slowed down a bit over the last couple days. My fingers are itching a bit to work on some of the other projects I have coming up. I am, however, thrilled that I could basically guess as to the starting location on the next skein and get it to match almost perfectly.


This is Jashell S’Shadow, my level 17 Sith Assassin. She’s supposed to team exclusively with Scott’s Bounty Hunter but he accidently grabbed a few levels during double xp so I’m catching her up to him. I very much love her look currently and can’t wait to see what other options I get as she grows stronger. I’m rather glad I picked up the headband and switched it out for the helmet she was wearing as the head jewelry she wears is rather pretty. I did spend a bit of time on Vinlora, my Jedi and had a little trouble switching mindsets as Jashell is pure evil and Vinlora is quite the opposite.


The Dark Tower by Stephen King. This is the last in the series, as far as I know. On the one hand I want to rush through it and see what happens to all my friends. On the other I want to savor every word and make it last. I’m going to have so much trouble starting the next story after the end of this enormous world.


14 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: More Entrelac

  1. Stephanie S. says:

    The entrelac mitts look amazing! I have a pair of entrelac socks I want to knit, but haven’t got up the courage to try yet. Soon! It’s such a neat looking stitch! Happy knitting!


  2. Ali says:

    The colours of your mitts is amazing. I so want some of this yarn.
    Ali xx


  3. Wow, those mitts are gorgeous, what a wonderful choice of yarn for the entrelac


  4. Donna says:

    Those are so cool! I love all those bright colors. Excellent yarn choice.


  5. Christine N says:

    I’ve had entrelac on my to-learn list for a LONG time now. What do you think of it?
    The mitts are stunning.


  6. Ravenna says:

    I agree with the others! Very nice work 🙂


  7. iknead2knit says:

    Love those socks! The Dark Tower series is my favorite read of all time. I’m currently on the second book (again) and have lost count on how many times I’ve read them.


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