A Little Something

I finally have something that I’ve finished … for me no less!

I love the color and the feel of the yarn. I wish it had a ‘little’ bit more stretch to it but that’s a small thing.

Of course I also wish I wasn’t quite so pale but that too can be fixed.

I do love the color and the pattern. I’d make a few modifications if I make it again, and I just might. It was super fast and simple.

Pattern: A Little Something by Samantha Roshak
Project page: Ravelry


8 thoughts on “A Little Something

  1. Looks great, love the colors! That will be comfy to wear all year, adding a splash of color. I am going to check out that pattern!


  2. What a gorgeous yarn colour! I love the pattern too, thanks for linking it


  3. avantaknits says:

    That’s really cute, and would work great with several sleeveless dresses I own. Let me ask you, since you’ve made this: how difficult do you think it would be to lengthen (well, add, actually) sleeves to that? Maybe pick up around the armholes and knit down in pattern?


  4. avantaknits says:

    Oh, I almost forgot! I say enjoy your pale skin, be proud of it, and protect it fiercely with excellent sunscreen. Your future self with thank you for it.


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