WIP Wednesday: Julissa

I finished my first sweater so naturally I had to cast on for another. The beginning confused the crap out of me with 3 different sets of “at the same time” instructions but I popped it all into excel to keep track of what I was doing on each row and found it to be a lot easier. I do love how it looks so far.


This is Vinlora S’Shadow, my Jedi Sage in Star Wars The Old Republic. She’s currently level 14. I got a little time to play with her over the weekend, mostly turning in missions and talking to new contacts. During the week I also started up Dungeon Siege II. At the moment I’m not terribly sure how I like the controls of that one though. 


The Wind Through the Keyhole by Stephen King. It’s another Dark Tower novel, and one that I haven’t read. Yay for more story from my favorite Gunslinger. 


8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Julissa

  1. Looks like a great sweater, I love the cables!


  2. purlgamer says:

    So gorgeous! I have been eyeing that designers patterns for a while. One of these days…. Love the look of Vinlora, too!


  3. avantaknits says:

    That braided cable is spectacular!


  4. Fam says:

    very nice, I’ve always been hesitant to knit cables, they scare me a little, but whenever I see them on someone else’s work they look great, would love to try cables one time.


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