WIP Wednesday: Something & Shamrock Socks

First up … I’m so incredibly happy at how fast this is progressing! I’d actually have it finished sooner if I could stop pausing to pet it and admire it. But I’ve finished the body, measured twice to make sure it’s the length I want, created armholes, and tried them on as well to make sure they fit over my arms to where I want them to. Now a few rows before I do the neck and bind off. I’ll certainly have it done by next weekend with Vendor Guy. 

I haven’t been sharing the socks much but I got lots of progress on them as well! You can see the purple for where I’ll go back and add the heel and how much I’ve done since then! Nearly everything after the purple was done while watching Captain America The Winter Soldier. 


Yep, still spending all my spare time here. I should try and get screen shots of my Jedi and my Sith to share the progress on their gear since it does change the way the characters look.

Another week, another poll. I wrote Trap? I’ll Pass. The poll is here if you’d like to leave a vote for ShadowWolf13.


Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass by Stephen King. Now that I’ve got my new kindle all set up I’m back to reading. I’m closing in on halfway and still loving the love story that winds through most of this book. I’m also really looking forward to the next book, maybe something from a different author .. or maybe the next in the series. 


One thought on “WIP Wednesday: Something & Shamrock Socks

  1. Ravenna says:

    Oh The Dark Tower series was one I’ve been meaning to get back to for a while. I read the early ones back when I was in HS but never got around to the continuation. I have to go back and read all the old ones first so I can know what’s going on! Looks like you’re making progress 🙂


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