Thor & Loki

You know trouble comes in three’s, right?

Luckily Thor’s here to keep these guys in check.

Thor totally has this covered.

Patterns: Thor & Loki
Project Pages: Loki 1, Loki 2, Loki 3, Thor


11 thoughts on “Thor & Loki

  1. Ravenna says:

    This cracks me up every single time I see it 🙂 Very nice.


  2. Cleio says:

    That’s just wonderful! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. aw they’re wonderful 🙂


  4. ooooooh, I love the little Loki’s! and Thor but always Loki.


  5. Funny and cute. win-win!


  6. purlgamer says:

    Omigosh they are so cute! Lucky for me my crocheting friend has a thing for Thor, because I now need a Loki!


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