WIP Wednesday: Socks and Something

Technically the Loki are not finished but all they are lacking is hair so I didn’t bother to take another picture.

The first project is my Shamrock socks, the brainless, no thinking knitting I take to work on while wandering conventions. They’re finally long enough for me to shove the yarn into each sock, no more tangling!

The other project is my Peacock Something. It’s a cute little sweater, though it doesn’t look like much at the moment since I’m only on row 4. I ran out without stitch markers and couldn’t find any I liked at the DFW Fiber Fest so I made due with some safety pins Shannon found for me.


Thanks to Scott I’ve made a new character on his server and I’m working on leveling my spanking new character up to lvl 10 so I can go join him.


Hekaton by Various. It’s a good book, I just seem to have no time to read these days, not even in the car as the last several days I’ve spent on the phone or driving long distances. Both are completely worth it, though I’d like to finish the book.


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Socks and Something

  1. Candace says:

    Great colour on the socks. I am trying to knit my first pair, not getting anywhere fast shall we say! Popping over from Keep Calm, Craft ON & WIP Wednesday


  2. lollieadele says:

    i never would of thought of putting the yarn in the socks, what a fantastic idea!


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