WIP Wednesday: Thor

Thor seems to be flying along with fewer problems … of course I had Loki experience and there’s only one Thor. But here’s him sans hair and eyes, most of his hammer, and the pieces of his helmet.

Dungeon Siege still claims my time. I’ve never gotten this far so I’m completely wrapped up in what happens next?! Plus I actually got to take on a dragon. At this point I’m fairly close to the end so I’m really looking forward to the next in the series.

Job Hunt:
Kinda not done anything with this. I did attempt to file unemployment (and was turned down) but this is the first week that I’ve been without a job. Mostly I’m wrapping up things at home that have been left for a while. I plan on getting my resume together early next week and start directing it out into the world.


Hekaton by Various. I’m still working on this one, reading in my copious spare time. I’m having my normal problem with short stories which is that they are over far too soon, just after I’ve become attached to the characters. But I’m still enjoying it.


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