WIP Wednesday: Helmet

It’s a helmet. No really, it is. I swear.

Wandering cons and sitting chatting with friends is getting these socks done rather quickly.

I keep buying games but I don’t think I’ve actually played a game since Thursday … unless you count Farmville 2 and I don’t.

I’m actually managing to not only be somewhat consistent in actually doing the run but managing to run longer and not fall on my face. Plus I’m steadily losing weight.


Hekaton by Various. There are nice things to say about this but I’m pretty sure my brain has shut off. I’ll at least say I’m enjoying the stories.


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Helmet

  1. lol, funny you should mention it, hubby and I have been playing Farmville on the ipad, it is so addictive.

    I absolutely love your socks!


  2. My boyfriend and I play “Hay Day” which is like Farmville, only an iOS app that syncs across my phone and my iPad…extremely addictive!


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