WIP Wednesday: Loki & All the Things

This is making my eyes cross with the dark colors and trying to keep count. But it’s getting there. Only a couple things left I think.

When I couldn’t work on the little guy I managed to knit a bit while reading or mentally processing.

And with the new purchase I’ve managed to return to spinning. It’s horrible results but it’s wonderful since it’s made by me. My first thing with a spinning wheel. Maybe I’ll ply it with the spindle spun since it’s the same Jacob Grey Wool Top.

I even managed to find a bit of time to sit at the sewing machine. I need to purchase a larger square so I can square the larger blocks. But I got them stitched together as well as half of the smaller blocks, plus the ironing for each.


I think I’m stuck on Dungeon Siege, I may need to exit the current dungeon and go back to the last section to either clear things out a bit more or buy better equipment … or both. XCOM goes slowly since I managed about 1 mission each time I pull the game up. My backlog of games is getting quite large since I’ve found Humble Bundle, plus gog.com and Steam keep having sales.


The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King. It’s a reread and it’s like falling back into a loved conversation with old friends. I managed the first book last week. I’m not sure if I’ll power through all of them in one go or slip a couple others in the between.


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