WIP Wednesday: Tiny Start

I’ve finally started on a few toys that I think are going to be fun when they’re done. I added the bobbin in for size comparison. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything this small before.

I can’t work on the toys outside of the house, well, I could but it’s much easier to have the directions in front of me at all times. So I’ve pulled my brainless socks back out and are carrying those with me. Yes, I know I owe a second plaid sock. There’s been a small roadblock (I hope, I hope. Please don’t have to rip it all out) so it’s on hold until I can get the recipient to try it on. Meanwhile, these are uncomplicated and fun. They look lumpy because the yarn for each is shoved inside.


These are still getting most of the play these days. I ventured into Gothic 1 a bit on Saturday but these are most of my free time, and sometimes not so free. I’ve finally gotten past the previously plaid stuff on Dungeon Siege. I’d played years before, when it came out but just before I got to the end of the storyline my ex wiped my computer and my saved games.


Grimm’s Fairy Tales by Jacob Grimm. These aren’t as I thought they’d be. I thought they’d be darker, more … grim for lack of a better word. Many of them just seem perplexing. I’m sure at the time they taught something or had a purpose. I’m glad to had read it but I’m looking forward to being finished too.


4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Tiny Start

  1. I love those stripes, lovely colours.


  2. Donna says:

    Very nice stripes on those socks. I hope your project works out so that you don’t have to ripping it apart! 😦


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