WIP Wednesday: Plaid Socks

I keep thinking I’ve finally got this and it’ll be smooth sailing … and then I have to rip out several hours of work. But I have the spare yarn in for the afterthought heel to go in after I finish the foot and so far it looks like I haven’t screwed up too much more. Especially since I fixed my mistake from last night where I skipped 2 rows in the pattern. This is the bottom of the foot since it’s a little different that the plaid that’s on top. Terrible picture thanks to new camera that I haven’t played with and learned the best settings yet.


These have been getting most of my attention the past week, particularly after the bad weekend. I can play a round, knit a round, repeat. And with no heavy story line with clues that I must remember on my own I can play while watching tv or movies.


Grimm’s Fairy Tales by Jacob Grimm. I’m not sure these are the original, at least not all of them are the original. Little Red Cap ended the way I’d remember the Grimm Brother’s version ending, others not so much. They’re less grim and more strange at times.


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