Toirneach Kilt Hose

These took a bit longer to complete than I expected. Part of that was running a convention and suddenly losing a lot of time to that. Part of it is that I keep forgetting how big men feet are. And part of that was them being so tall!

I do like how they came out though and Lynn said they were quite cozy while he was helping with the pictures. Hopefully by Monday I’ll have a report from the recipient how he likes them.

Unknown to me the recipient’s birthday is Monday so it’s actually a little bit of perfect timing. I like when that happens.

Pattern: Toirneach Kilt Hose by Aislinn L. Charlton-Dennis
Project Page: Ravelry


10 thoughts on “Toirneach Kilt Hose

  1. chrisknits says:

    Love them! I only wear knee socks, store bought, so I love to see sock patterns that are knee high. Doesn’t mean I am willing to knit them, but if the bug bites, I know where to go!


  2. Cleio says:

    I love the colour! I wish some of the men in my life would let me knit socks for them. Even the husband still doesn’t want to even try a single pair. Silly man! I’m sure the recipient will love them.


  3. jazzoo6 says:

    The photos are cute as well as the socks.


  4. Sam says:

    I love these, my husband would love them to go with his kilt!


  5. Love the socks and the fun the model had wearing them.


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