WIP Wednesday: Half a Cowl

This is going both faster than I thought it would and slower than I expected. How so? The knitting is super fast and simple to keep track. The beads are the slow spot. I don’t have a crochet hook small enough for them so I’m adding each one using dental floss. But it’s pretty.


Infernal Devices 1: Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. I’ve just started it but I do like the way it’s handling characters so far.


10 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Half a Cowl

  1. jolan66 says:

    I found your blog trough Ginny. What a lovely pattern you’re using! I’ve never knitted lace or beads, so I’m looking forward to see this beautiful cowl finished!


  2. Emma says:

    That looks very pretty with the beads. I just finished a fern pattern scarf which looks very similar to the pattern you are using.


  3. Donna says:

    It’s beautiful so far. I rarely knit with beads just for that reason! It will pay off at the end when it’s finished.


  4. I’ve never used the dental floss method for beading, I got a tiny crochet hook off ebay and just stuck with it. It’s slow regardless though but so worth it in the end. Your project is looking lovely, the beads really sparkle against the green


  5. karen sue says:

    what a great knit! I’ve never tried beads before…perhaps I’ll wait a bit longer, but yours I love!


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