Twi’lek Hat

This was one of those projects that is such fun when it’s done you don’t mind the frustrations found in the process.

When my friend asked for the hat I thought, no worries, it’ll be easy and done in no time. No so! The directions were … crazy. The original hat came out to a tiny 11in around, no where close to the 22 I needed. No worries, for I am super girl and I will just make this up as I go!

So, several pictures during the process and lots of “Is this long enough? Would you like longer?” texts to my friend but we finally had happiness for her. I was about a third of the way through the lekku (the tentacles) when I realized I could have done them differently but since I was doing them 2 at a time there was no way I was going to pull them out and start over.

I’m happy with it though. More importantly my friend is happy and that alone makes it all worth it. I love that I can provide smiles and love from so far away. Many thanks to my husband for modeling for me.

Pattern: Twi’lek Hat
Project: Ravelry
Reference: Twi’lek from Star Wars


3 thoughts on “Twi’lek Hat

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