WIP Wednesday: Larger Pi

I am seriously in love with this shawl. I’m on the 3rd lace pattern. It threw me off a bit and I unpicked the first 3 rows of it but I feel better about it now. I love the pattern, I adore the yarn, and the two together are simply sublime. I’m going to do all that I can go keep the spiral going when I add in new skeins.

Heart’s Quest – All the parts are together, now I need to clean it up and make it flow from part to part a bit better.
Rainbows in Crystals – I just need to get around to working on it, that whole time thing.

I finished the Shoo Fly block. Now I need to figure out which of the fabrics I have I’m going to use for the Jacob’s Ladder block, or if I’m going to talk the hubby into more fabric while also talking him into creating storage space for the fabric I currently have. I also need to buy fabric for my bodice and lay out my newest dress and start cutting fabric for it. Can’t possibly say I’m likely to get bored.


American McGee’s Alice – This has been a wanted game for me since 2003 and I’m glad to say it’s hitting exactly the buttons I’d hoped it would.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown – This is one that my boss pushed for me to play. I’m enjoying it a lot more than I expected to. There are several elements to it and I’m really enjoying the strategy.


DragonFlight by Anne McCaffrey. I’m very late in coming to this one, as previously I’ve just never been able to get my hands on the first of the series. So once more I have my boss to thank for loaning out entertainment.


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Larger Pi

  1. avantaknits says:

    Still loving that shawl, too. And thanks for the idea of adding the current book to the WIP entry! I’ll do that next week.


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