Miss Kid’s Prism Cat

Miss Kid enjoys our LARPing adventurers and came up with a her own concept of a character. She wanted to play a cat creature. We live in Texas and play during the summer so I suggested something lighter than black to play in. She finally came up with the idea of a prism cat, or a white cat who has spots of color in places. What’s a wicked stepmother to do other than make the costume?

Luckily she had the white ears from purchasing them at a science fiction / fantasy convention we attended a previous year. We found white pants at the store as combined that with a white top. Not one to stop there I cut the sleeves off the shirt and added fur trim to the neck, sleeves, and hem. Naturally a cat needs a tail so that was next and she knit the belt she wears to hold the tail and her pouch.

We used a bit of left over fur to do the spats but that didn’t last much longer than the time to take the picture. I think one of my favorite bits of the whole thing is the wig we found for her. While we do a lot of running around during the day, the giant battles actually take place at night. Remember, we’re in Texas and it’s still 80 degrees at midnight. However, when the sun goes down there’s a surprise, her hair glows in the dark. It’s really cool to watch this glowing thing seem to “float” across the field about 5 feet off the ground. It really throws people, even when they know what it is.

This is what happened when I said “Do something cat-like” as I was taking the pictures. She also makes it a point to randomly curl up and “nap” no matter where we are in the game. We’ve added a couple things, like the wrist guards she knit to match the belt and clips to hold the ears better. I think we did a pretty good job together.


6 thoughts on “Miss Kid’s Prism Cat

  1. I love it! Her posing in the photos is perfect too. Hopefully projects like this will help her find her creative side so as she grows as an adult, she doesn’t forget that life should be fun. We all need to act like a cat sometimes πŸ˜‰


    • I’m just glad that I can give her this time to be a kid and have fun, that it’s not all about learning and growing. Though I’ve found that she’s learning quite a lot too as things are relaxed around her a bit more. πŸ˜‰


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