WIP Wednesday: Twi’lek Beanie and Socks

It looks like very little but it’s actually my 12th attempt at this. The original pattern was crazy small so I’ve been adjusting, fitting, ripping out, and refitting. At least I have something now that looks to fit a human head.

Conversely I’ve gotten a fair amount done on the socks since they’re something I can work on in the movies and at red lights. There’s Monster’s University and Planes here, as well as a friend’s birthday dinner.


Lolita by Vladamir Nabokov. It’s a hard story to read. If you ignore the main subject you’re left with a pompous twit who is convinced all the ladies are falling at his feet. Even the dear Lolita is among those driven to desire him by his looks. I’m glad the end looks to be coming up fairly quickly.


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Twi’lek Beanie and Socks

  1. Love the purples in your sock although I’m not sure about knitting while you’re behind the wheel, even if you’re at a stop.


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