No Longer Dreaming

There were parts of this that were like a dream, rows where I’d zoom along but it was a knitting black hole and I seemed to never make progress. Then there were times where I could see it growing before my eyes. The last night I worked on it, during our gaming session was almost like that. Complete a row, turn, bam, another row done, repeat.

I suspect I could have made it larger during blocking but I got it to grow quite a bit already and exceeded the original dimensions so was quite happy with it. I’m not sure the size of the final recipient but I bet it’s plenty large enough to wrap her in warmth and love.

I dearly love how the gradients flow. When I was knitting it I wasn’t sure as there were places where it seemed to jump. Now that it’s complete though it seems to blend perfectly. Lynn was asking which I thought was more impact-ful, this or the Chinook Shawl I’ve done several times. I think they both have their strengths but the amount of lace with the custom dye on this one is visually stunning.

Pattern: In Dreams Mystery Shawl by Susan Pandorf
Project Page: Ravelry


16 thoughts on “No Longer Dreaming

  1. This is visually stunning. I love the leaves on the edge.


  2. Cloudberry says:

    oh, wow!
    It’s beautiful.


  3. Giselle says:

    Very beautiful, utterly gorgeous. You did a fantastic job!


  4. OMG! It’s stunning! Absolutely beautiful. I love the pattern and how the yarn works up in the pattern.


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