Book Review: Legon Awakening

Legon Awakening Book 1 in the Legon series by Nicholas Tayler

This book was such a hard read for me. It’s not that it was over my head but it was incredibly hard to get into, to stay interested in. About halfway through I figured out why. It’s a Marty Stu story.

The main character and all the people surrounding him are perfect for the most part. If they have faults then they are small and quickly corrected so the perfect group is complete. Any problems they come across are quickly overcome. Any short comings are fixed, typically by “Oh, here, use some magic and all is well”. The main character, Legon, is surrounded by pretty people, nice people. Legon is pretty and nice .. and part way through the book he becomes nicer. The huge ethical crisis that he has to resolve within himself is solved in about 3 lines.

There’s no tension to the story. Oh there’s an evil queen trying to take over the world and she must kill Legon to do so. But Legon is perfect and has the magical elves and the dragons and the humans behind him. How could he fail?

I think the main reason I finished is because leaving things unfinished bugs me. I certainly wasn’t invested in the story. By the third time that Legon was magically extricated from trouble I’d lost the little interest I had.

I’m sure it’s a great book for somebody, somewhere. It just wasn’t the book for me. I’ll be passing on the following books in the series.


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