WIP Wednesday: Still Dreaming

I’m still working on In Dreams. However the pictures once a week are making me feel better as I can look at the previous week and see progress. I’m finally to the first color change and I’m over halfway through that so soon I’ll be 100% on color 2. Yay!!

I have fabric! 4 Yards of blue t-shirt fabric will soon become a garb dress that will breath and move and be oh so comfortable to wear in the crazy temperatures we have here in Houston.


Lady of Devices by Shelly Adina. Another free book from Amazon, this one a surprisingly fun read. I’m really enjoying the story and looking forward to reading more by the author.


4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Still Dreaming

  1. the shawl you’re working on so lovely and can’t wait to see your FO.


  2. jazzoo6 says:

    Awesome color! It’s going to ba a lovely shawl.

    Here’s my WIP: http://mibruno.com/en-proceso-92/


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