Quick Garb Dress

As is becoming the habit I remembered the night before fighter practice that Miss Kid’s current shirt was too small for her. So she and I threw fabric down in the living room and started cutting. Using only the most basic of measurements we ended up with something rather large on her, which was perfect as I know she’s going to grow. She asked for more of a dress than a shirt so we added in the green to make skirt more pronounced. The cutting of the green was a “fun” exercise she got to do with her father. (Meaning she got to debate with him for over 2 hours on what I’d asked them to do; I may have just solved 2 problems there as now she’s more willing to listen when you tell her things and he now recognizes that he’s got a very stubborn streak.)

There’s just a slit for the neck and no sleeves to speak of. I’m considering adding in a zipper as she grows a bit more, hoping it will increase the life of the dress. I’m still debating the option of adding in sleeves, or even adding in removable sleeves just for the winter months (such as they are in south Texas).

All in all though, for a project that took 4 hours of my time and a final result that Miss Kid is happy with, I think I did a good job with it. Plus, it’s my second project with no pattern, and this time I was really just winging it on measurements and basic idea.


4 thoughts on “Quick Garb Dress

  1. AllyB says:

    That’s a great project and a good lesson for your daughter. Being able to just throw down and make something like that is a very useful skill.


  2. Great job. Also a great project for a growing girl to not outgrow too quickly.


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