If ever there was a pattern more sought after I wouldn’t know it. I happened across the perfect yarn for this pattern and ran out to buy both beads and hook as soon as possible. Once back home I realized there was no way to purchase said pattern. It was sold in a datebook that was done small press and a short run. No amount of searching could produce a copy. I finally emailed the publisher and after months of waiting I emailed the designer as well. They both got back to me at the same time; the designer didn’t have a copy of the pattern because she was going to re-release it sometime this spring or summer. The publisher had a few unsold copies and would be willing to sell me the book at a reduced price.

The package finally arrived and I eagerly finished up my projects so I could work on the headband. That was when I found that the crochet hook I had didn’t fit through the beads. I spent an evening using thread to pull the beads onto the yarn at each spot. The next day found me in a craft store searching for a smaller hook. I triumphantly finished the first repeat of the pattern and held up it up, only to discover that it looked … wrong. Two lines of the pattern were missing from the book. Was this silly pattern worth all this effort? Had it been a free pattern I might have just found something else to work on. However, I put a lot of work into acquiring this and I was going to finish it, no matter the obstacles. I got busy figuring out what those two rows most likely were.I’m fairly sure I managed it.

I do love the finished headband. I think I’ll have to make a couple more of them with leftover yarn just to justify the cost and the effort though. All in all there were legends in the chart that weren’t actually used, missing rows in the chart plus a missing column, and the written directions referred to things that were not in this pattern and repeated itself.

Pattern: Verona Headband by Sivia Harding
Project page: Ravelry


7 thoughts on “Verona

  1. That’s quite a story. I looks great. 🙂


  2. Despite all the obstacles it’s a very pretty headband. So yes, I think it’s been worth it. I’m sure the designer would appreciate your notes if she’s planning to re-release the pattern 🙂


  3. Wow! That’s a lot of work. Bummer that you had to work so hard to get the pattern but the headband really does show that the effort was worth it.


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