Books: The Hunger Games


The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

I went into this with a mild case of trepidation. Everybody was going crazy for it but then everybody also went crazy for Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey, neither of which were what I’d call well written or compelling. I devoured the first two books in a couple days. With the first chapter I was hooked.

The story of Katniss Everdeen and the changes in her world that she sparks is an amazing journey. The first book was a whirlwind of change for a poor girl on the edges of civilization. She’s forced to suddenly make life or death decisions in a world that is new, and scary.

The second books does suffer a bit from the typical middle book problems, rehashing the first book and ending up in the same situations, but it also sets up quite a bit of the plot for Mockingjay. All through the story of them rebuilding a rebellion I was constantly on edge. Can they trust him? Is there another hidden game or layer in that phrase. I changed my mind half a dozen times before I finished the series.

I’d certainly recommend this series to practically anybody that enjoys reading and plenty that don’t. It’s easy to read and just complicated enough to keep interest.


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