WIP Wednesday: Verona

I was playing around on Ravelry, as you do, and I stumbled across this pattern. It was love at first sight which kind of took me by surprise. I don’t wear headbands, can’t stand how the store bought ones pinch behind my ears and give me a migraine. And yet I couldn’t help but think “how would a knit one feel?”. I finished a project and the left over yarn was perfect for the pattern, just a few yards over the required amount. Kismet! Of course last night I figured out that the tiny crochet hooks I’d purchased for the beads aren’t small enough. I’ll be making a run to Michael’s tonight … and possibly to my LYS.

I think I might actually have some progress with the muse. I may even finally have a name for my main character. She’s certainly being difficult.


The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I finally got my hands on the book and so far I love it. I’m only about 7 chapters in but I do like the characters and I’m really enjoying the person Katniss is proving to be. I’m looking forward to watching the movie after finishing the book.


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Verona

  1. One of my friends made me one and I lost it before I’d even worn it, isn’t that terrible?! I hope you like it ❤


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