WIP Wednesday: Chocolate Cables

Reaching into the stash and randomly pulling out this spare chocolate yarn from Lorna’s Laces made it easy to decide what project to cast on next. I really didn’t want to count repeats though so I’m glad I had a long enough circular on hand to do them two at a time. I think after I finish this repeat I’ll be ready for the heels. I’m glad both skeins seem to have the same imperfections in the color so they match. I still need to buy another one to finish the pair of chocolate socks that have been languishing on the needles for several months now.

My muse and I are not speaking … at least not in very nice words that spark a writing jag.


A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin. I’m a bit over halfway through the book, certainly far enough along to finish by Sunday. I won’t be watching the premier until the following Sunday but it’s good to have a goal.I believe I’ve just read past the death of several of my favorite characters, but some have been thought to be dead before and surprised me, so we’ll see if they’re all really gone. I think after this I’ll read a lighter fluff book before popping back into this world to finish the next in the series.


8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Chocolate Cables

  1. Donna says:

    very nice socks! I love using my stash yarn. and they look so soft.


  2. heathermama says:

    those socks look amazing. such a beautiful colorway.


  3. L.E. says:

    Reaching out in one’s stash and casting on…. What a nice feeling!! The cable work on the socks looks really nice!


  4. Joanna says:

    Those chocolate cables look yummy!


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