First I’ll share my sewing. It’s not technically complete since I need lots more of them and then they’ll all be sewed together but it’s a complete section. I’m pretty pleased with it, despite the errors I see. I see them more as reminders of the lessons I learned while cutting and piecing this block.

Though in terms of blankets, I also finished up and mailed off this baby blanket.

I didn’t get final measurements but it’s large and warm and (according to the expectant mother) simply perfect. It was picked and made with lots of love and happiness so I can see it wrapping the baby up in the same.


Project:Β Dreamy Lace Baby Throw
Project Page:Β Ravelry


11 thoughts on “Blankets

  1. jazzoo6 says:

    Amazing blankets!

    Here’s my FO:


  2. The blanket looks gorgeous! Nice pattern!


  3. marmepurl says:

    Picked and made with lots of love. What could be better?!


  4. Aw, I adore quilts…but hate sewing. I’m always envious of those you sew. Your baby blanket turned out great.


    • I’ve always wanted to sew but I tend to find reasons not to. My great grandmother was an amazing seamstress and I used to love watching her. I think I’m scared my stuff won’t be as good.

      Thank you! I enjoyed making it. πŸ™‚


  5. I like that the blankets are color coordinated. and now. you’ve inspired me to quit surfing and go work on some hand quilting I need to do. thanks! πŸ™‚


  6. […] Dreamy Lace Baby Throw – Commission (Kate) […]


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