WIP Wednesday: Weeping …

Knitting: Crochet:
I’m back to the crochet. There was some knitting done though, it went so fast it didn’t show on WIP Wednesday. You’ll have to watch the upcoming FO Friday’s to see what pops up. Today though we have a visual lesson on why we should always read the directions carefully. I’m doing this Weeping Angel (x2) for a friend and I read dc, as in double crochet. No big, I’ve got this, easy as can be. There’s a small line at the top that I completely skipped over: “Please note this pattern uses UK terms.” The UK dc means the US single crochet, a much smaller stitch. I noticed this line last night, after I’d done both heads and both buns. I’ve managed to get one back to where it was. Onward and upward!

Still working on the adventures of The Girl, I need to figure out where this weeks prompt takes her. Thank you so much to everybody that’s voted for me so far!


A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin. I’m thrilled to be back in this world and to watch the plot unfold. I hope to re-watch the first 2 seasons of A Game of Thrones after reading this, and to read the 3rd book before the 3rd season premiers.


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