Dwarven Helm

So, with The Hobbit coming out, several guys in our foam fighting group playing dwarves (scrawny, bare-faced dwarves), and all the awesome knits of dwarven helms, somebody had to know it was going to happen.

I had a lot of fun making this but honestly? The absolute best part was how thrilled he was get it. He looks gruff here because he’s posing but he had a huge grin on any other time. Plus he kept stroking the beard and giggling. Reactions like that are the best part of knitting for friends. He’s even wearing the hat portion around town.

Lynn posed for me the night before to make sure I got some good up close shots of the beard.

Pattern: Mismash of a few different patterns.
Project Page: Ravelry


9 thoughts on “Dwarven Helm

  1. jazzoo6 says:

    Awesome job!!! It’s always so much fun to kinit for friends.

    Here’s my FO: http://mibruno.com/terminado-35/


  2. wonkydonkey says:

    Ha! Both my boys (young adults) love the knit beard-type hats. I’ve made them each one, and they requested more, with more full beards. It IS fun, how much they enjoy those silly hats.


  3. Random Knits says:

    His enthusiasm is really funny. Glad to here it turned out great.


  4. I adore this pattern. It freaks me out to think about how much yarn is used for those beards though.


  5. […] Dwarven Beard – Commission (Joe) […]


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