Protected Fairy

3 weeks after getting my hand bashed by the pvc shaft of a foam sword and the bruises have finally faded. It’s still a little sore in spots, but that’s getting better too. I decided that I needed to make the gloves I wanted a priority. So I sat down with the pattern I intended to modify and got to work.

I knew I wanted a good cushy fabric across the back of my hand, and room to slip a layer or two of foam in there. Currently my biggest concern was right across my knuckles as that’s where I seem to catch most of the hits when I go to block. I also wanted the palms free so I could easily grip my sword. I’ve had it go flying out of my hand at least once and I’d rather minimize that. It’s just silly to have to take a death because you’re staring in disbelief at your now empty hand.

Because this is a modification of an existing pattern, I was sure to share which pattern I was modifying when I wrote it up. Thus, it’s also a free pattern. They knit up fairly quick so are good for a quick satisfaction project.

Pattern: Fairy Defense by Shadow Byrd
Project Page: Ravelry


As a small note, I’m in a writing contest on my personal journal. I wrote The Right Fish and it’s currently up for voting here. If you have a moment and can spare a vote for ShadowWolf13 it would be greatly appreciated.


7 thoughts on “Protected Fairy

  1. jazzoo6j says:

    Lovely gloves.

    Good luck in the contest!

    Here’s my FO:


  2. marmepurl says:

    Pretty pattern and color


  3. Love the patternwork on your mitts. Good luck with the contest.


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