Warmth for a Friend

My very first finished object for 2013 was a gift for a friend. He’d asked about a stump cover as his arm was getting a lot colder than it had before and he wanted to stay warm. We got measurements and thus began the great re-knit adventure. I started this at least 4 times because each time I found something wrong with it. I finally got it to a decent length and wanted to sit with him while I made the decreases to make sure it fit him perfectly.

I used ribbing because it’s stretchy without being too tight, it’s easy to do decreases neatly, and it’s reversible. I’m working on getting the pattern written up in case anybody else would like to use it as well. I’ll offer it for free in the Ravelry shop when I do.

I also finished a giant organization projection this week, with lots of help from my wonderful husband. He helped me measure out every bit of yarn I had and tagged it all while I took photographs and uploaded it to Ravelry. I’m thrill that now I know everything that’s in my stash. I snapped a couple pictures before putting it all up.

The first one shows the whole stash:


The second shows what happens when I go through and decide on projects.

Far left: Things I’d like to trade or sell; Against the back (left): Things I’m putting up for sale or trade; Center: I ‘might’ have an idea, eventually, several I’d maybe like to trade or sell if somebody else needs them; Against the back (right): A friend sent and they need project ideas; Far right: Oh! I have just the perfect project for you!


Lastly, I entered several pictures from our wedding into The Godiva Share the Love Sweepstakes. Please consider stopping by Facebook and dropping us a vote. AND! The About.com Reader’s Choice Awards are looking for nominations for favorite knitting blog, favorite knitwear designer, favorite book, favorite yarn company, and favorite needle brand. Stop by and show some love for your favorites, whomever they may be.


7 thoughts on “Warmth for a Friend

  1. Raychel says:

    This is a great idea. I’ve been wanting to knit up one for my dad’s leg. You reminded me 🙂


  2. Nice job on the stump cover.


  3. What a wonderful knitted gift. I really should go through my stash and trade or barter or something with the yarns I’ve created that I will never use. Good call.


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