This was the very last thing I finished in 2012. I actually pulled it up from blocking on Jan 1st, 2013 and wrapped it up for the recipient to open a hour later.

This is written to be a lot longer, but when I finally recovered from the wool fumes I realized that there was no way I’d be able to make it the length suggested.

I sat for a few moments and thought. How could I make this work? Suddenly I realized I didn’t have to use the provisional cast on to graft the two ends together … I could use it to knit from! I decided to add a garter stitch border to each end and add in buttons.

Pattern: Thorny by Lisa Villarreal
Project Page: Ravelry
Modifications: Shortened, added end borders, buttons, and button holes.


6 thoughts on “Thorny

  1. Oh, I am so in love with those buttons! How gorgeous!


  2. I love how that knitted up and how it looks worn. I am a sucker for anything with buttons on it.


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