WIP Wednesday: Socks, Socks, and Not Socks

There’s a lot going on, despite my intent to return my focus to one thing at a time. I’m working on a stump cover for a friend, which at the moment looks like nothing more than a long ribbed cuff, because it is. I need to sit down with my friend and do a bit of fitting and double checking before I begin the decreases.

Since I’m stalled on that I went ahead and started on the next project I’ve promised. Another pair of Skew Socks but sized up to fit  a women’s 11. Luckily Lynn’s a men’s 9.5 which is about the same, so I have a way to test the fit as I make it. Since I just cast on last night we only have a wee toe to show.

Though, since I need his foot, he has to be here while I work on the first one and make my notes for the second. Good thing I still have my basic socks to work on while I’m doing a lot of not working on those two. Though these are nearing the end of their skein. I have a bit of the yarn for the toes and heels left to do a cuff so they’ll be a bit longer than the yarn I have in the picture.


Palimpsest by Catherynne M. Valente. This has got to be one of my favorite books. I simply love the way she writes, the world she shares with us, the ‘way’ it’s shared. I find myself reaching for it every chance I get.


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