Balmoral Bonnet

This project has so many firsts for me. The first time felting (my brain is still convinced felting is bad), the first time cutting my work with scissors, and the first time sewing non-knitted things to my knitting.

All in all though, I think it came out really nice. I was nervous about a lot of it, but I worked through it.

Please excuse the gumball machine acting as model; the finished project just didn’t look right on my husband’s head.

Pattern:Β Classic Highlander’s Balmoral BonnetΒ by Anne Carroll Gilmour
Project Page: Ravelry


13 thoughts on “Balmoral Bonnet

  1. Gracey says:

    Those are a lot of firsts! Interesting hat!


  2. What a challenge! Congrats on finishing it. I think the gumball machines is brilliant as a model.


  3. Cute hat. Laughing that it “didn’t look right on your husband’s head.”

    I have only felted my knitting once. It was a last ditch effort to fix a way too big hat that worked pretty well. But I haven’t started knitting a project that was going to be felted later… that scares me a little. πŸ˜‰

    Happy New Year.


    • It just didn’t! LOL You know how it looks when the hat is too small for the head.

      I’ve never felted at all before, not sure I’ll do it again, at least not on my own. Part of what I love about knitting is being able to see the stitches.

      Happy New Year! πŸ™‚


  4. chrisknits says:

    Love it. That is such a unique pattern. Wish I could wear hats like that.


  5. AllyB says:

    Beautiful! You did an excellent job with each of the new to you techniques.


  6. Love it! I hope you’ll show a photo with a person wearing it. Looks great.


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