Red Fireworks

Working these gloves once more I was really wanting to try my hand at a matching hat. I don’t have the time just yet but perhaps after the new year.

I love how quickly these knit up. They were so fast that I didn’t even have time to post them on a Wednesday. The stitch pattern is so much fun and such a cute trick.

Pattern: Fireworks Mitts by Megan Bayonet

Project Page: Ravelry

Modifications: Only my standard for these.

PS: On my personal journal I’m hosting a Love Post, click here to read more about it and join in. If you do join in please make sure you leave their name in a way that I’ll be able to find them and let them know nice things are being said about them.


7 thoughts on “Red Fireworks

  1. Perfect yarn choice for those mitts! They really pop just like fireworks, and your stitches look perfectly even and well-defined. Nice work!


  2. Lovely mitts, thanks for the pattern.


  3. Those mitts are great! Love the patternwork.

    Merry Christmas!


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